Natural Ways To Tighten Your Vagina

Natural Ways To Tighten Your Vagina

Vaginal relaxation or commonly known as loose vagina is an increase of the diameter of the vagina due to childbirth, aging, hormonal changes, strenuous exercises, overweight, chronic cough or poor muscle tone.

As a consequence your organs have less support and so they tend to sag (prolapse). The sphincter functions are less efficient, causing urinary incontinence and the bladder becomes especially weak while coughing or laughing.

Also many women suffer from a loss of sexual gratification and intimacy in a relationship, as a loose vagina can cause a lack of friction that diminishes sensation and prevent them and their partner from enjoying a healthy sex life.

So basically these are the best natural ways to tighten your vagina:

Kegel Exercises

Natural Ways To Tighten Your Vagina

Your doctor may recommend performing Kegel exercises for a specific length of time, as a natural ways to tighten your vagina, before speaking about a surgery of the vagina as a viable choice.

Studies has shown that 50% of women trying Kegel exercises do not do them properly, they over-use their abdomen, buttock or leg muscles.

There are also certain weights, like vaginal cones, kegel balls, kegel weights, kegel eggs and Ben Wa balls, that you can insert into the vagina while performing Kegel exercises as a natural ways to tighten your vagina faster.

The real issue with Kegel exercises is that it can take up to 15 weeks before you see any difference. So to get results you have to continue doing them constantly. You need to be motivated and be rigorous to benefit from kegel exercises.

Natural Products

Natural Ways To Tighten Your Vagina

In conjunction with Kegel exercises vagina tightening can be achieved safely and naturally with vagina tightening products like creams, pills, tablets, gels, sticks, wands, sprays, soaps, capsules, suppositories and essential oils made of natural ingredients that have been used in Asia for thousand of years.

While vaginoplasty requires admission to a clinic and is very expensive, Kegel exercises and electrical stimulation are cumbersome. Nevertheless by opting for Kegels and using vagina tightening products at the same time you will get a much quicker, cheaper, easier, safer, effective and convenient way to tighten your vaginal muscles.

By removing dead cells and replacing them with newer ones, by healing internal wounds, preventing infection & itching, encouraging natural lubrication, promoting attractive odor, and delaying the effects of aging these vaginal tightening products will help you make your vagina tighter.

Obviously you could also try other less natural alternatives like biofeedback or electrical stimulation to tighten your vaginal muscles.

Kegel Trainers

Natural Ways To Tighten Your Vagina

Kegel trainers act as a personal trainer, generically referred to as pelvic floor trainer, pelvic muscle trainer, pelvic floor biofeedback. They are designed to help women exercise their pelvic floor muscles and improve their vaginal muscle tone.

Using a pelvic trainer involves placing a sensor, also known as an electrode or probe into the vagina. The probe, connected to a visual and/or sound system, lets you see and/or hear the contraction. According to the colour of the light or the intensity of the sound, you will know whether the muscular contraction is done properly or not.

They allow you to correct the contraction while doing the exercises on your own, as well as allowing you to gradually increase the effort and duration. The biofeedback will help you get more and more confident knowing that you are correctly contracting your pelvic floor muscles and properly carrying out your exercices.

Pelvic Floor Stimulators

Natural Ways To Tighten Your Vagina

Pelvic floor stimulators, are generically also referred to as pelvic floor electrical stimulation, pelvic floor muscle stimulator, pelvic muscle stimulator. They are designed to help women improve their vaginal muscle tone.

The pelvic stimulators use low frequency electrical currents, generated by a small electronic probe placed into the vagina, that stimulates your pelvic floor muscles deep down, inducing contractions of the vaginal muscles and consequently tightening your vagina.

The electrical stimulation permeates into the deeper surrounding musculature of the vagina, reshaping the form of the vagina to its original state and helping to keep your vagina tight.

Finaly you also have access to the less natural alternative called vaginoplasty.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Natural Ways To Tighten Your Vagina

Vaginal rejuvenation also called vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to tighten the pelvic muscles that become loose.

Unfortunately, it is very expensive and has many possible side effects, including scarring, loss of pleasure or sensation, pain upon intercourse, incontinence, bleeding, numbness, hematoma, infection and so on.

The risks and side effects of vagina surgery may be just as troublesome as the original problems, making it imperative to explore all other options before undergoing a vaginoplasty. Regardless of what it is for, surgery, should always be considered as a last resort.

Physicians will always suggest to try other less invasive options like the ones we described above.