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vagina tightening
vagina tightening
vagina tight
vaginal tightening

Pelvic Floor Toner

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pelvic floor toner

Why a Pelvic Floor Muscle Toner?

What is called the pelvic floor are the muscles supporting the bladder and other pelvic organs. These muscles are trigered when performing Kegel exercises properly.

However, research has shown that over 50% of women practicing Kegel exercises do not them properly. They over-use their abdomen, buttock or legs, and do not improve their pelvic floor muscles. In addition, some women have such weak pelvic floor muscles that they cannot contraction them independently.

The pelvic floor toner will help you will you do your exercises by contracting the pelvic floor muscles automatically, using muscle stimulation.

The pelvic floor toner tests have clinically shown to strengthen pelvic floor muscles quickly, easily, safely, conveniently and effectively. Women using the pelvic floor toner resume a more enjoyable lifestyle and are a lot more self-confident.

In a recent survey a majority women who used the pelvic floor toner, confirmed that using the pelvic floor toner improved their quality of life in a variety of ways from an increased self esteem to an improved sex life.

What is a Pelvic Floor Toner?

The Pelvic Floor Toner works based on pneumatic principles and biofeedback technology. It will guide you and help you perform pelvic muscle exercises rapidly, easily, safely, conveniently and effectively.

pelvic floor toner

The Pelvic Floor Toner will make your vagina tighter by tightening and rejuvenating your vagina naturally, improving the grip and strength of your vagina, contracting and reshaping your vaginal walls, restoring the natural elasticity of your vagina.

Training of your pelvic floor muscles will prevent vaginal prolapse, allow you to enjoy better sex by heightening orgasms and increase self-esteem.

Before and After.

    pelvic floor toner

  1. Before use, your pelvic floor muscles are loose.
  2. While in use, your pelvic floor muscles are trained and they gradually recover their initial strenght allowing you to get a tighter vagina.
  3. After use, once you reached your desired level of pelvic floor fitness, you regained control of your pelvic floor muscles.

Exercising your pelvic floor muscles is like going to the gym, if you stop, you will lose the improvement you have made. So, you will need to keep training your pelvic floor muscles one or two times weekly for maintenance.

Benefits to your pelvic floor health?

  • Improved vaginal strength and tone.
  • Enhance sexual pleasure.
  • Improved bladder control when you laugh, cough, sneeze or exercise.
  • Overall pelvic health and wellness.
  • Speed pregnancy recovery.
  • You can do it on your own in the privacy of your home.
  • Automatically exercises your pelvic floor muscles for you.
  • It is the first choice, non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical treatment.

Pelvic Floor Muscle loosening reasons

  • Pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Menopause.
  • Physically stressful activities.
  • Chronic cough.
  • Excess weight and obesity.
  • Sexual life too active.
  • Fail to exercise or high impact exercise.
  • Hormonal changes.
  • Poor muscle tone.
  • Aging.

Understanding Pelvic Floor Muscle loosening

    pelvic floor toner

  • The pelvic floor muscles (see figure 1 below) are made of muscle fibers such as the levator ani, the coccygeus and related connective tissue which span the underneath pelvics’ area.
  • The pelvic floor muscles are made of two types of fibres:
    • Slow twitch: that hold on for long periods of time to support abdominal organs and keeping urine up inside the bladder until it is time for urination.
    • Fast twitch: designed to act strongly and quickly, but does not hold on for lengthy periods. These fibers act as an extra closing force during a laugh, cough or sneeze. This extra force stops the bladder’s muscle (see figure 2 below), the detrusor, from contracting as well, which is the muscle you need to get hold on, to get back in control.

Pelvic Floor Muscles loosening consequences

  • Loss of sexual pleasure due to loss of friction.
  • Vaginal prolapse due to weak pelvic floor muscles.
  • Stress incontinence: coughing, laughing, sneezing or other activities that pressure the bladder and cause it to leak urine;
  • Urge incontinence: urine loss after a sudden need or urge to urinate;
  • Mixed incontinence;

Why is this Pelvic Floor Toner unique?

    Pelvic Floor Toner

  • Interactive device with multilingual audio and visual cues.
  • Icon display to guide the user while exercising pelvic floor muscles.
  • Test and track your progress weekly thanks to its built in “Train” and “Test” modes.
  • Easy set up, manual inflated, air pressure measurement, if underinflated or overinflated, an icon reminder will notify you.
  • Sensor and sensor cover replacements available.
  • Train in multiple positions, laying, seating or standing thanks to its flexible medical grade silicone sensor.
  • Pneumatic and biofeedback technology to help users easily, quickly, safely, conveniently and effectively exercise pelvic floor muscles.
  • Automatic memory storage “exercise level”.
  • Low voltage alert.
buy pelvic floor toner
pelvic floor toner

Product Information

  • 1 year guarantee
  • Gross Weight: 148g
  • Packaging: 1 unit/box
  • Length: 130 mm X Width: 82 mm X Height: 35 mm

Do not use the pelvic floor toner if:

  • You are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.
  • You have a pacemaker or defibrillator.
  • You have active cancer.
  • You have an active vaginal / urinary infection.
  • You have vaginal irritation.
  • You cannot insert the product a minimum of 4 inches.
  • You have a copper IUD, please confirm with your doctor that it is properly placed before using the pelvic floor toner.
  • You had recent pelvic surgery (you should wait 6 weeks after the operation and have your physician’s approval).
  • You are less than 6 weeks post-partum.
  • You have concerns about your health, consult your physician before using the pelvic floor toner.
  • All Natural
  • Easy, Fast & Safe
  • Affordable & Convenient
  • No Pain to Use
  • No Gynecological Exam
  • No Costly Operation
  • No Surgery
  • No Anesthesia
  • No Side Effects
  • No Medication
  • No Doctor Visits
  • Non Toxic
  • Oral Sex & Condom Safe

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