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vagina tightening
vagina tight
vaginal tightening

Paying by Money Transfer

  1. First locate the nearest location to your address by going to:

    Find A Western Union Agent Location

    Find A Money Gram Agent Location

  2. Visit your agent location, taking some personal identification with you.
  3. Complete the form with the recipient information that we will email you when placing your order.
  4. Hand it to the agent along with the money you are sending and the transfer fee.
  5. If asked for a password, do not give any, it is not mandatory.
  6. You will be given a receipt with a reference number.
  7. Please email us at the following information:
    • The reference number (MTCN).
    • The firstname and lastname of the sender.
    • The address of the sender.
    • The phone number of the sender.

  8. In just 10 minutes the money will be ready for us to collect.
  9. As soon as we receive your payment we will ship your order.

To place your order by Western Union please fill in the form located at: Money Transfer Order.

This receipt is in Spanish and the amounts are not correct, it is only meant as an example.
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  • No Medication
  • No Doctor Visits
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  • Oral Sex & Condom Safe

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